Honda 3000 Generator

Honda EU3000iS represents a 3000-watt generator based on inverter innovation that allows getting steady power for your PC, fridge, TV-set, microwave or air conditioning system.

The following review provides a concise summary regarding this model and answers lots of questions, while also discussing the aspects of running and regulating this inverter-based generator. We will see whether it is the most reliable 3000-watt generator for such a price.

Honda EU3000iS: Summary

This model of a generator is a bit more costly than the major part of other similar machines, but it is also more trustworthy and less noisy. The Honda generator has an estimated weight of 131 pounds which is evidently too heavy for a single person to move it around. It requires two people at a minimum (each for one grip handle) to carry, load or unload this machine.

It does not have any in-built wheels, but the wheel kits are present. You may purchase a wheelset to simplify the process of transportation.

Honda EU3000iS does not have any remote wind-up mechanism as well. This is the kind of upgrade you will have to perform at your own risk because Honda does not produce separate wind-up mechanisms for their devices.

It is not a too loud generator if to consider that it is packed with a 196cc motor. At full pace, it runs a lot quieter than anticipated, and it is not too noisy for camping.

This generator is also an excellent option for recreational purposes. It can wind up and operate the 13500 BTU air conditioning system coupled with the lighting system and a TV-set. Nonetheless, you might need to shut off the air conditioner if you’d like to use the microwave to cook something.

This generator is packed with inverter innovation that allows for steady power output even for the most vulnerable types of machinery such as PCs.

Popular Questions and Answers

There are lots of issues that customers will be willing to learn about this generator. We have spent much time searching for answers to the most popular questions. We do hope that you’ll find everything you need below.

Does the Honda EU3000iS have a remote wind-up mechanism?

The company does not offer any remote wind-up suite for this model. You may find a generic version and attach it to your device. Nonetheless, if this mechanism provokes any trouble with the generator, it would not be covered by the warranty. As such, you may install it at your own risk.

How noisy is it when operating at full pace?

Its loudness is estimated to be 58 dBA when operated at a full power of 2800 watts according to the characteristics of its producer.

How long can you operate it at the fullest power capacity of 2800 watts?

It can be run for almost 7 hours at this power rate on only one tank of gas before the fuel needs to be replenished.

Can it provide enough power for a 13500 BTU RV air conditioning system?

Yes, it has sufficient surge power to wind up and operate most air conditioners of this kind. Do not utilize too many other devices when you are running an air conditioner. You may use just lighting and a TV-set, for instance.

Determine the surge and estimated power demands for the air conditioning system coupled with other devices you wish to operate and see what you get in total. You may always switch off the air conditioner if you wish to use the microwave. The generator has its individual AC circuit protecting mechanism that allows defending the machine from random overloading.

Can the 12V DC outlet provide enough power for an inverter or phone charger?

The 12V DC receptacle is not controlled and can be utilized to charge automotive accumulators. The DC outlet cannot be utilized for any other 12V device or app.

Are the grip handles the only way to transport this generator?

No, it is not quite the only way to shift the machine. Honda provides a wheelset for the EU3000iS model. The set has small-sized swivel wheels at the front and two bigger wheels at the reverse side. It seems a lot easier to install it (when the tank is not full of fuel) and the wheels run well on rough surfaces. The wheels are sufficiently small to ensure easy transportation of the machine over sand or grass. There is one more set available: it is a 2-wheelset added with a telescoping grip handle. It has 8-inch rubber-made wheels at the front and telescoping steel-made grip on the reverse side. The set allows users to move the generator using the grip handles and the two wheels at the front.

What sort of plug receptacles is added to Honda EU3000iS?

It has two 120V 20A outlets and a single 120V 30A locking plug outlet, but it does not have any 220V power receptacles. It also has one 12V, 144W, 12A DC power receptacle designed to charge car batteries.

How well does this generator operate at high altitude?

The regular carburetor is installed to ensure full running at altitudes less than 5,000 feet (1,500 meters). If you permanently use the generator at altitudes above 5,000 feet, you need to allow the service personnel of the Honda Company to upgrade the carburetor.

At a higher altitude, air is too thin for the air-powered mixture in a usual carburetor. The mixture will be overloaded with fuel. Upgrading of a carburetor will allow achieving the right ratio of the air-powered mixture. Nonetheless, the motor will still lose around 3,5 percent of horsepower for each 1,000-foot increase of the altitude. This implies that it might not be possible to power the same devices at a higher altitude compared with those powered in regular circumstances.

Don’t forget to have the carburetor modified once more if you ever need to utilize the generator at lower altitudes. This will prevent the generator from overheating.

Can you operate the Honda EU3000iS using propane?

Yes, it is quite possible to use a tri-fuel transition set. Nonetheless, it is not advised by Honda developers as well as the CARB and EPA. If any part of the machine is broken due to the use of propane, the given part is not supposed to be covered by warranty.

Can you use EU3000iS and EU2000i in parallel?

You cannot. It is only possible to use two similar Honda machines in parallel. You can connect only two Honda EU3000iS to get parallel power.

Engine Switch and Wind-up Handle

The engine switch is used to operate the ignition mechanism, which has three regimes. You may insert or turn the switch key into the OFF regime. You may wind up the engine using ON regime with a recoil wind-up system. Use the grip if the battery does not have sufficient power to wind up the engine. It will also run to the fullest on the ON regime. You can use the electric starting mechanism by turning the motor key to the START regime. You may also switch it back ON as soon as the engine has wound up using an electric starter. Turn it to the OFF regime in order to stop the motor.

Supply Valve and Choke Knob

The supply valve allows the gas fuel to enter the engine. Switch it to ON regime before you start the engine and turn it to the OFF regime after it stops running.

You may also use the choke knob at a CLOSED regime to reduce the amount of air contained in the air-fuel mixture to get a much richer mixture when you attempt to start the cold motor. You may push the choke knob into the OPEN regime as soon as the engine warms up so that the air-fuel mixture is used at a regular ratio.

Eco-Throttle Mechanism

The engine runs to the fullest capacity when the Eco-Throttle mechanism is switched off, disregarding whether there is some device attached or not. If the Eco-Throttle mechanism is switched on, the engine’s pace will decrease in case there is no load or some insignificant one. The engine’s speed is going to increase rapidly in case a heavy load is attached to the generator. This will help increase the fuel-saving capacity of the generator to a great extent. It will also reduce the noise produced by the engine making it less loud when smaller loads are connected.

Is It Better to Use or Not to Use the Eco-Throttle Mechanism?

The Eco-Throttle mechanism allows saving much fuel and reduces the loudness of the machine when it is switched on. It operates well when the load of devices is not too high.

It is best to switch off the Eco-Throttle mechanism when attaching the device that requires surge power to wind up the electric engine or compressor. Switch off the Eco-Throttle system before attaching or running any device with a surge power requirement. Besides, do not turn on too many appliances whenever this mechanism is in full action.  

Finally, keep the Eco-Throttle mechanism turned OFF when you wish to charge the battery through a DC outlet.

AC and DC Circuit Protecting System

The Honda EU3000iS has three AC receptacles: two of them are for 120V 20A and one more is for 120V 30A. The AC circuit protecting system stops the flow of current from the receptacles if the attached devices surpass the estimated ratings. Check to find out what’s wrong before switching the AC circuit protecting system to the ON regime.

The DC circuit protecting system turns off whenever the DC battery charging current is overloaded. Tackle the problem before reinstalling the DC circuit protecting system. Remember that the DC protecting system does not protect the battery from the risk of being overcharged.

Indicator Lighting

The topmost lighting is the power indicator which is supposed to shine green if the machine is operating properly and is producing a sufficient current flow.

The indicator lighting in the middle indicates the overload of the system. It becomes red when the generator is too heavily loaded at over 3 kVA. The current will, therefore, be cut off in about 4 seconds after overloading, and the green light will switch off. The motor will still be running, but the current will not be produced and delivered to the devices. You will have to double-check the load of devices before turning on the AC circuit protecting system.

The bottommost lighting indicates the oil warning system. The oil lighting shines red whenever the oil is about to run out. The engine will immediately stop to avoid possible damage caused by an insufficient oil level.

What to Consider before starting the Honda EU3000iS?

  • Is the generator a minimum of three feet away from the nearby building?
  • Is there enough space for the purpose of ventilation?
  • Are there any easily igniting objects not far from the generator?
  • Is the engine switched on?
  • Is there enough oil?
  • Is the air filter fully cleaned?
  • Is there enough fuel?
  • Do the extension cords, devices and plugs function properly?
  • Do the devices surpass the estimated or surge power of the machine?

How to Wind Up the Honda EU3000iS

It might be hard to wind up the generator if the attached devices are turned on and also about to start. Turn off the devices before switching on the generator. After that, switch on the fuel valve in order to ensure the flow of fuel into the burner section and carburetor. Switch off the Eco-Throttle mechanism so that the engine could be enabled more quickly. The motor will probably be cold, so switch off the choke using the choke knob.

Now it is possible to turn the engine to the START mode in order to enable the electric starter. Turn the engine back to the ON regime as soon as it starts. If the engine does not start in about 5 seconds, let it rest for several seconds before trying to enable it using an electric starter. This would prevent the risk of overheating.

Remember that leaving the engine in the ON regime when it is not running will lead to the discharge of the inner battery. Keep the engine in the OFF regime when the generator is not in use.

You may follow the directions listed above and switch on the engine when you wish to use the recoil starting mechanism. Pull the grip of a starter towards yourself and let it get back to the housing without releasing the starter handle. Keep doing so until the engine winds up.

Launch the choke knob by placing it back into place as soon as the engine warms up. The engine needs to be heated after operating for several minutes. You may now push the Eco-Throttle to the ON regime if you wish to use it.

How to Wind Up the EU3000iS if the Battery Charge Is Low

If the battery is discharged, you may remove, recharge and replace it inside the generator, after which an electric starter can be used.

Nonetheless, if you do not have much time or are unable to recharge the battery for other reasons, you may wind up the generator using the recoil starter. Do the following to start the machine manually:

  • Switch off the devices attached to the generator;
  • Fuel valve needs to be set ON;
  • If the engine is not running, you might need to CLOSE the choke knob;
  • Switch the engine to the ON position;
  • Pull the wind-up grip and start the engine;
  • Let the engine get heated a bit before pushing the choke knob to OPEN regime.

How to Stop the Generator

You may turn the engine switch to the OFF regime if you ever need to stop the motor immediately. If it is not an emergency situation, you may start stopping the generator by turning off and enabling the devices that were powered by the Honda generator. Now you may stop the engine by turning the switch to OFF regime and closing down the fuel valve.

Charging the Battery Using a DC Outlet

You may only use a DC receptacle for charging a 12-volt car battery. Do not use the Eco-Throttle mechanism when charging the battery as this will reduce the current capacity. Keep the Eco-Throttle switch in the OFF position while using the receptacle.

Operation in Parallel

You may attach two Honda EU3000iS generators to each other in parallel using a cable set. You need to plug the cables into the receptacles of both generators.

The parallel running set comes together with its own directions that you need to follow when connecting the generators. You may wind up the two generators as soon as the connection is established. Check the output lighting to see whether it shines green. Plug in the appliance you wish to operate and turn it on.

Do not make attempts to attach two different models of Honda generators to each other. It must be the same model for it to operate securely. Purchase and use only the cable set approved by Honda. It is also necessary not to disconnect or connect the parallel running set when the machines are in full operation. If you wish to use only one of the generators, just remove the parallel running set before rewinding the generator you wish to use individually.

The maximum power capacity of both generators operating in parallel is 6 kVA. Do not operate the generators at the highest peak for more than several minutes because this might reduce their service term. The estimated power capacity of both machines is around 5.6 kVA when used in parallel.

Final Thoughts

This model of an inverter generator is highly recommended for purchase. Just because it might be too heavy to carry around, it is better to consider using a separate wheelset. In general, this model has a high fuel saving capacity and can power the air conditioning system of a small recreational vehicle, even though it might not be suitable for a big-sized RV.