Honda 3000 Generator

Quiet, lightweight Honda 3000 Portable Generator delivers clean, dependable electricity for camping, tailgating or even a house power outage. Exclusive Honda inverter technologies generate the steady capacity to run appliances and electronics and also to control automotive-type batteries. All attribute fuel-efficient 4-stroke air-cooled overhead valve motors, recoil auto beginning and provoke arrester/muffler.

Notice: This Honda EU3000 is your CARB-Compliant version. To learn more on this non-California version, please click here.
An outstanding source of electricity for RVs, such as 13,500 BTU AC components, and basic house backup electricity

This hot version can operate a huge array of appliances, such as a furnace, refrigerator, microwave, and many 13,500 BTU RV AC units, plus even more.

Honda 3000 Ultra Silent Generator

So silent, your neighbors will thank you. The EU3000iS works at 49 to 58dB(A), that can be less sound than a standard conversation. That makes it perfect for camping, RV electricity and any other action which needs silent operation.

Convenient electric starting

Easy recoil starting can be accessible as a back up.
Fuel Efficient – Runs up to 20 hours 3.4 gals of fuel

As a result of our exclusive Eco-Throttle System, the EU3000iS provides excellent fuel efficiency. Runs from 7.2 to 20 hours on a single tank, based upon the load. That makes it excellent for instantly electricity.
Advanced inverter technology – dependable power for computers and other sensitive equipment

Honda’s inverter technology means stable, clean power in a smaller, lighter package. The precision of Honda’s inverter technology ensures that our inverter generators deliver power that’s as dependable as the electricity you receive from your outlets in your home.
Double your power with concurrent capacity

Want more energy?

Insert another EU3000iS for extra electricity. Two indistinguishable models may be paralleled using an optional cable for up to 6000 watts of electricity.
12V – 12.0A DC output

The EU3000iS includes a DC socket to be used when charging 12-volt automotive batteries. (Requires an optional charging cable.)
Safe by Oil Alert

Protects the generator by simply shutting off the engine if low oil is discovered.
USDA-qualified spark arrestor/muffler

Circuit protected

Protects the generator from being spat.

Even the Honda EU3000iS is more costly compared to most other 3000-watt inverter generators, but it’s more dependable and it generates less noise (check current costs at

This Honda inverter generator includes a dry weight of 131 pounds that’s too heavy for a single person to move or take. It requires at least two individuals (each grabbing a deal ) to move, load and load this 3000-watt Honda generator.

It doesn’t include wheels that are built-in, however, wheel kits are all readily available. You are able to purchase a wheel kit to generate the generator much easier to drive around.

The Honda EU3000iS sadly doesn’t have a remote starter. That is a modification you’ve got to do in your own risk since Honda doesn’t create a remote starter for your own EU3000iS.

It’s not a loud generator once you believe it’s a 196cc engine. At full speed it’s quieter than anticipated and it won’t be excessively loudly when camping outside.

This Honda generator is a fantastic entry-level choice for recreational vehicles. It may start and operate as much as some 13500 BTU air conditioner in addition to the lights and the tv. But you may want to shut down the air conditioner if you would like to use the microwave or the stove for cooking.

The Honda EU3000iS incorporates inverter technology to provide stable and dependable power for sensitive equipment such as computers.
Questions and Answers

There are numerous things which people would like to learn about the Honda EU3000iS portable inverter generator. We’ve spent many hours locating inquiries and trying our best to answer them. We hope you find the answer you’re searching for one of the questions mentioned below.

Can the Honda EU3000iS possess a remote start kit?

Honda does not provide a remote launch kit for your Honda EU3000iS generator. You may locate a generic remote start kit and install it to the generator. But in the event the remote control kit causes difficulties with the generator it cannot be maintained under the guarantee. The setup is therefore in your own risk and to your wallet.

What’s its sound level when functioning at full rate?

Its sound level is 58 dBA if it’s functioning at its rated power of 2800 watts, according to the specifications offered by Honda.

How long does it operate at its rated output of 2800 watts?

It runs for about 7 hours in its rated power on a single tank of fuel before it should be refueled.

Can it electricity a 13500 BTU RV air conditioner?

Yes, it’s sufficient surge ability to begin and operate many 13500 BTU air conditioners. Don’t use a lot of different appliances once the air conditioner is operating, maybe only the lights and tv.

Figure out the spike and rated electricity demands of the air conditioner and also other appliances that you would like to run and determine exactly what the total is. You can always switch off the air conditioner if you would like to use the microwave or stove to be on the secure side. The generator has its own AC circuit shield that protects the generator against accidental overloading.

Can the 12-volt DC output a mobile charger or charger?

The 12-volt DC output isn’t controlled and can only be used for charging batteries. The DC receptacle can’t be utilized for any other 12-volt device or program.

Are the grips that the only way to maneuver the Honda EU3000iS?

No, it isn’t the only method to move the generator. Honda delivers a detachable wheel kit for your own EU3000iS inverter generator. The kit includes small swivel wheels at front and two marginally larger wheels in the back. It appears simple enough to put in (as soon as the fuel tank is empty) and the brakes functions well on hard surfaces. The wheels are too small for effortless movement on rough surfaces like grass or sand.

There’s yet an additional kit accessible: it’s a 2-wheel kit using a telescoping handle. It’s 8-inch rubber wheels in the front along with a telescoping stainless steel handle in the back. This kit enables you to push on the Honda EU3000iS generator forward with the grips and both front wheels.

What type of plug sockets does the Honda EU3000iS have?

It’s two 120V 20A receptacles plus one 120V 30A locking plug receptacle, but it doesn’t have 220V outlets. It’s one 12V, 12A, 144W DC output for charging batteries.

How does the Honda EU3000iS operate at high elevation?

The conventional carburetor installation is for performance at altitudes lower than 5000 feet (1500 meters). Should you consistently use the generator with an elevation higher than 5000 ft, then you need to allow a Honda service trader alter the carburetor.

Above 5000 ft the atmosphere gets too thin to your normal carburetor air-fuel mix. The mix will be too rich with fuel. The carburetor modification alters the air-fuel mix to the right ratio. On the other hand, the motor will still lose about 3.5% horsepower for every single 1000-foot increase in elevation. It follows that you may not have the capability to power the very same loads in a high elevation you could electricity at a very low elevation.

Don’t forget to allow a Honda service trader alter the carburetor again should you ever wish to use it in altitudes lower than 5000 ft to stop the motor from overheating because of a lean air-fuel mix.

Is it feasible to conduct the Honda EU3000iS on propane?

Yes, it’s possible to put in a tri-fuel conversion kit. But, it isn’t suggested by Honda, either the EPA or the CARB. If any part of the generator is ruined from the conversion to propane, that part won’t be covered by the guarantee.

Is it feasible to utilize the EU3000iS and EU2000i for concurrent electricity?

It’s not feasible. You can just use two comparable Honda generators in parallel performance. You may just join two Honda EU3000iS inverter generators collectively for parallel electricity.

The motor change handles the ignition . It’s three positions. It is possible to add or eliminate the motor change key in the OFF position. You will start the engine at the ON position with the recoil beginning. Utilize the recoil starter grip when the battery doesn’t have sufficient charge to begin the engine. The motor also runs at the ON position. You are able to use the electrical starter by turning the search motor key to the START position. Switch it back to ON after the motor has begun with the electric start. Turn the engine switch to the OFF position to stop the engine.

Fuel Valve Lever and Choke Knob

This lever allows the gas flow into the motor. Switch it to the ON position before starting the motor and then turn it into the OFF position after shutting the engine down.

You may pull the choke knob to the CLOSED position to lower the quantity of air in the air-fuel mix to get a richer mix when seeking to begin a search engine. You are able to push the choke knob back into the OPEN position when the motor is warmed up so that the air-fuel mix is blended in its regular ratio.

Eco-Throttle System

The motor operates at its entire rate whenever the Eco-Throttle is switched off, no matter if there’s an appliance attached or not. In the event the Eco-throttle change is switched on, then the motor speed drops if no load or a little load is on the generator. The motor speed increases rapidly if a heavy load is linked. This helps to raise the fuel economy of this Honda EU3000iS with a substantial amount. Additionally, it reduces engine sound when little loads are attached, which makes it a couple decibels quieter.

To Use Or Not To Use The Eco-Throttle System

The Eco-Throttle can result in greater fuel consumption, and reduced sound levels, when it’s switched on. It works nicely when the machine load isn’t high.

It’s much better to switch off the Eco-Throttle when linking an appliance that requires surge ability to begin its electrical motor or compressor. Switch the Eco-Throttle switch off before joining and turning in an appliance with surge electricity requirement. Additionally, avoid turning multiple appliances if the Eco-Throttle system remains active.

Last but not least, maintain the Eco-Throttle system OFF if you would like to control a battery using the DC outputsignal.

AC and DC Circuit Protector

The Honda EU3000iS includes three AC outlets: 2 sockets for 120V 20A plus one locking plug socket for 120V 30A. The AC circuit shield switches off the flow of current from the sockets in the event the attached appliances transcend at least one of these socket evaluations. Check to find out what the challenge is before resetting the AC circuit shield into the ON position.

The DC circuit shield switches if the DC battery charging circuit is overloaded from the battery. Troubleshoot the issue before minding the DC circuit shield. Bear in mind the DC protector doesn’t stop a battery from overcharging.

Indicator Lights

The topmost lighting is that the output light that shines green once the generator is operating smoothly and generating ordinary current at the electricity outlets.

The indicator light in the center is the overload index. It shines red once the generator is overloaded at over 3 kVA. The present will be cut off after about 4 minutes of overloading and also the green output indicator light will turn away. The motor will still operate, but no current has been generated and delivered into the appliances. You need to recheck the present load of these appliances before resetting the AC circuit shield switches.

The base indicator light is to the oil alert system. The petroleum indicator light will glow red when the oil level in the crankcase drops below a certain minimal amount. The motor will stop working to prevent potential damage due to inadequate oil.

Things To Check Before Beginning The Honda EU3000iS
Is your generator at least three feet from the closest building?
Can there be sufficient empty space round generator for venting?
Are there any flammable items close to the generator?
Is your motor change turned away?
Oil degree adequate?
Air filter wash?
Fuel amount adequate?
Are the extension wires, wires and appliances in great form?
Can the appliances exceed the surge or rated power of this generator?

The Way To Begin The Honda EU3000iS

It may be tricky to begin the generator when the appliances on the generator are switched on and seeking to begin along with the generator. Switch off the appliances before turning to the generator.

The next thing to do would be to turn to the fuel valve so that the fuel can visit the carburetor and combustion chamber. Switch the Eco-Throttle switch off so the engine may warm up faster. The motor is most likely chilly, so close the choke by pulling out the choke knob.

You can now turn the motor change all the way into the START position to engage the electrical starter. Return the motor switch to the ON position once the engine has begun. If the motor doesn’t start after about 5 minutes, give it a break for 10 seconds before using the electrical starter again. This prevents the starter motor from overheating.

Please be aware that leaving the motor change from the on position once the motor isn’t running will finally release its internal battery. Don’t forget to maintain the motor change from the OFF position once the generator isn’t used.

It is possible to follow the preceding instructions and turn the engine switch to the ON position if you would like to utilize the recoil starter. Pull the starter grip towards you personally, allowing it return naturally to the home without letting go of this starter grip. Keep doing so until the motor begins.

Open the choke knob by shoving it back after the motor is warmed up. The engine ought to be warmed up after having a couple of minutes. Now you can press on the Eco-Throttle switch into the ON position if you would like to utilize it.

The Way To Begin The EU3000iS When Your Battery Is Dead

If the battery is dead, you can get rid of the battery, then recharge it, then replace the battery within the generator and use the electric starter.

But should you not have time or are in the incorrect location to recharge the battery, then you can begin the generator using its own recoil start. Do this for guide beginning:
Switch off all of the appliances on the generator.
Fuel valve lever needs to be ON.
When the motor is cold, then you may CLOSE the choke knob.
Engine change is ON.
Pull the starter grip until the motor begins.
Allow the engine warm up before pushing the choke into the OPEN position.

The Best Way To Stop Your Honda EU3000iS

You’ll dial the motor switch to the OFF position in the event that you ever have to stop the engine in a rush. When it isn’t an emergency shutdown, then it’s possible to begin the stopping process by turning off or virtually all of the appliances that you’re powering together with the Honda inverter generator. Today you may shut off the engine by turning the motor switch to the OFF setting. Don’t forget to shut off the fuel valve lever.

Charging a Battery using all the DC Receptacle

You might just use the DC socket for charging a 12-volt automotive battery. Don’t utilize the Eco-Throttle system whilst charging a battery since this will reduce the DC current output. Maintain the Eco-Throttle switch off when using the DC receptacle.

You will join two Honda EU3000iS inverter generators collectively using a Honda parallel performance cable kit. You plug the wires to the parallel functioning outlets of these generators.

The parallel performance cable kit comes with its own instructions you ought to follow to join two EU3000iS inverter generators collectively. You are able to begin the 2 generators when the concurrent link is protected. Examine the output light of both generators to find out whether it’s shining green. Plug in and turn on the appliance that you would like to operate.

Don’t attempt and join two different version Honda generators collectively. It has to be the specific same version in order for it to operate safely and efficiently. Purchase and use just a Honda accepted parallel performance cable kit.

It’s essential not to eliminate, or to join, the parallel functioning kit while the generators are operating. If you would like to use just one of those Honda EU3000iS generators, then get rid of the concurrent performance kit before restarting the generator that you would like to use by itself.

The Honda EU3000iS Generator includes a cable recoil puller handle for manual launching in addition to an electric beginning up system to make matters simple for the girls of their household. Having a 3 and a half gallons of unleaded fuel in the tank that the generator may operate for at least seven hours full load and deliver twenty five hours of electric power in a quarter of their entire capacity.

Endorsed with a dependable three year non and industrial business manufacturer’s guarantee, the Honda EU3000iS stands 22 inches high, nineteen inches tall, twenty five inches and weighing in at one hundred pounds.

This little monster has been able to give power, reliability and durability to be rated at the light weight class of generators. If you’re thinking about whether you will reap the benefits of a cellular Honda inverter generator then take under account this.

If you’re operating equipment that’s quite sensitive, such as computers or TVs, then an inverter generator may safeguard your buys. For computers and digital products to operate efficiently, they have to get an even electric index.

The manner that Honda makes this electrical index is by simply carrying the raw energy made by the generator and functioning it via a exceptional microprocessor to state it at a multi-step strategy. To start with, the alternator on the generator yields high voltage multi-phase AC power. The AC power is subsequently shifted to DC.

Last, the DC power is switched back to AC from the inverter. Additionally, the inverter smooths and purifies the energy to allow it to be high top quality. A distinguishing microprocessor manages the total procedure, in addition to the speed of this motor. The rest of the effect is clean and effective power to function quite susceptible electronics.

The EU3000iS is made using leading-edge systems. Its exceptional systems make it remarkably effective, to use less fuel and so giving away fewer gases.

Because of this fact it doesn’t emit a whole lot of gases, it’s more powerful than ones which exude a good deal of fumes. This makes it also beneficial to maintain the natural atmosphere. It is going to also be of excellent benefit in a family environment where you will find individuals with dust and smoke allergic reactions or in which there are little kids.

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