Honda 7000 Generator (EU7000is Review)

Honda EU7000IS

No matter whether you are operating different devices the whole day long or using the generator to power your house, there is a need to make sure you have a truly reliable one. When it comes to trusted performance, it might be hard to find the generator that would meet this requirement. Almost every generator available in this segment is specially designed for irregular use. It is hard to find the one that would work non-stop so that when operated at the fullest capacity for the whole day, the generator could just fail to work properly after a few months of running. Honda eu7000is is ranked among the most trusted generators in this sector, and consumers often rely on them whenever they critically need a maximum output.

If you are seeking something that you could store for a while until the occasion comes, the Predator Generators could just as well be a good option. However, if you need to use the device for the whole day, Honda is probably the one and only company to trust.

Honda offers an affordable range of generators that can be easily found at diverse sites across the globe. However, if you need something more elaborate, you’d better address the euro collection. These types of machines are ranked among top-grade generators of all times. Let’s take a look at eu7000is in order to determine whether it can outshine the rest of the machines on the market.

Even though the name implies the opposite, this generator suggests having a stable power capacity of 5500 watts. It can produce even more than that, but only at the top-level capacity. This implies that it can easily operate items like a 7000-watt fridge, wind compressor or some other appliances, which demand much power to wind up, but the power capacity will decrease as soon as it starts operating. Such things as heaters or some digital devices should rather be operated with the use of a 5500-watt generator to ensure better output.

This generator was designed for heavy machinery. It can be operated almost every day without any signs of wear and tear. Honda has made sure that there are a few emergency shutdown options that would prevent the most frequent causes of damage, which could happen in case the generators are not cared for properly.

EU7000is Comparison with Other Competitors

Here is a list of some widespread alternatives to Honda’s new model. This model might be one of the least cost-effective varieties, but its performance is high-rated in many respects.

EU7000is Layout

Honda eu7000is is designed as a small-sized machine, which is quite surprising judging from its power capacity. The control display and the case are placed right over the engine, which makes the device a bit smaller-sized and taller than the rest of the generators in stock. It might also seem as if it is a bit heavy judging from the construction peculiarities. However, it has two foldable grips coupled with top-quality wheels at the bottom side of the machine. The wheels are made from rubber, which allows achieving more effective traction and flexibility on hard surfaces. It might have required much work, but we had absolutely no difficulty lifting it upstairs and all along the driveway.

One of the most spectacular things about the grip handles in the generator is their foldability. This gives an impression as if the generator is smaller in size if you are not moving it around the place. As a rule, most users are not fond of foldable grip handles, because producers tend to use cheaper materials for them. As this is a widespread cause of failure, Honda uses only durable metal brackets for handles. They are firmly attached to the generator, so you may have no worries about wear and tear.

Another peculiarity of the grip handles is their big size. As they are quite visible on most models, most manufacturers make them smaller to ensure the small size of a generator. However, these ones allow lifting the generator with ease even though they are of a bigger size.

The all-new Honda 7000 generator has the entire control display in one place. This is a perfect option for keeping everything in a single place because you can just put it away in the corner and leave the display visible.

Control Display and Connectivity

If you are tired of waiting for your device to wind up, you’ll be eager to find out that the new Honda eu7000is has a fully electrified wind-up mechanism, so that you just need to turn the switch into the “on” mode and push the wind-up button. Even though this model is brand-new, it could be wound up with extreme simplicity each time you use it. You will not need more than a single crank to get rolling.

Just over the wind-up panel, there is a small-sized LCD display, which allows identifying how efficiently the generator is operating. You can see the current power capacity, voltage, the RPM as well as on-going power use. It is especially useful to have such a feature. Even the 120V machines can vary from 110 to 120V, and sometimes producers’ power rates for their machinery are not fully correct. The new feature of Honda’s model allows determining what heavy load you could place on the generator so that you will easily make a decision as to whether it is possible to attach more equipment.

On the right side of the generator’s control display, you may find a whole range of connectivity options. There are two regular 110V outlets, just like the ones you would use at home. To the right of those, there is 110V connector apart from a GFCI one. These refer to the locking ground-based fault disassembling switches, which are most commonly utilized in fire-prone surroundings or those locations where you wish to defend your machinery from ground faults. This is especially important because generators are not always grounded, so this kind of adapters can assist in preventing accidental damage.

From the reverse side, you’ll see one more almost identical connector. This one can run on both 120V and 240V. You just need to flip the switch on the downside from the left, which will allow you to operate such machinery as an electric oven or some other 240V appliances that you might have at hand.


This generator uses gas as fuel. We would be eager to see the double fuel model, but as of now, there is no generator of this kind. The advantage of the single fuel mechanism is that the machine can generate much more power running on little fuel. The simplest way to enhance fuel-saving capacity is to use the eco-friendly throttle switch. This would ensure that the generator’s fuel consumption is wholly regulated. It would not decrease the power capacity too much. When using eco-friendly mode, you’ll see the power output of 3500-4000 RMS Watts. However, the fuel intake would be cut by half. This is especially useful when you do not wish to utilize the generator at its fullest capacity. We personally were operating it in this mode virtually non-stop. Whenever we needed extra power, we could simply improve the power capacity by flipping the switch.

Power Quality

One of the difficulties associated with cheaper versions of generators is that their power output is not always impressive. When fully loaded, the AC power might have flaws. However, Honda eu7000is can produce extremely clean power. The overall balance distortion amounts to only 4%. By comparison, the grid power output in New York is ranked at 6% in total. This makes such generators perfect for home use as well as for operating advanced digital appliances that need clean power output, in which case Honda eu7000is is an absolute winner.

Even when loaded to the full extent, one can notice that the parameters of power decrease not so often. If it was not for the power regulating mechanism, we would suggest that you could get a lot more than simply the estimated power output from this machine. Most of the generator versions start failing at 70% capacity, but this model demonstrates much higher voltages even when fully loaded. This means that you just need to connect the device properly when using this much power. You might need to get a durable cable if you intend to run the generator close to the limit. The cable needs to be suitable for designated power capacity, which otherwise could cause harm to the device.


The motor of the device is positioned on the rubber-made surface with the state-of-art muffler mechanism exceeding all the expectations of users. As a result, the generator works almost noiselessly. It seems as if it does not make any noise from around 23 feet. Even when operating at a closer distance, the noise coming from the device is not irritating. You could just as well communicate with someone right near it, even when it operates at the fullest capacity. Even though for some users it is not so important, it will obviously be of much value to those standing near it.


When treated improperly, any type of generator can simply fail. The most obvious reason for this is the use of poor-quality oil as well as low-level oil pressure. This model has a special sensing system near the major inlet, which makes the generator turn off whenever the oil level decreases below the standard level.

The generator also has emergency shutdown indicators for such cases as overload and as a form of current safety. There are a total of three LED-based lights added to the major display. If the generator shuts down without any reason, the relevant lights will start working.

The probability of overload using a single appliance is not high. Every output reaches 20-30A, which wholly depends on the connector. The generator will not shut down in case of blowing a breaker. In the process of running Honda eu7000is, you could easily press the breaker back into place.

The only possibly unfused socket is the 240V. This socket is added to a switch. If necessary, it could be fused using 30 amps. However, if you are operating your house panel, you could shut off the switch and utilize the major breaker.


One of the readers asked us the following question, so we would like to make this issue clear:


I enjoyed reading your review on Honda eu7000is – thank you for conducting such a detailed research on this model! I consider utilizing the generator at home as a backup for wintertime. I would like to ask you something regarding what you’ve written in your review:

“The only possibly unfused socket is the 240V. This socket is added to a switch. If necessary, it could be fused using 30 amps. However, if you are operating your house panel, you could shut off the switch and utilize the major breaker”.

Does this imply that if the home panel is backed up by a generator, I could possibly produce over 30 amps out of the distant plug added to the generator if the switch is shut off? I need to say that I’m a bit surprised by the fact that this model is suggested to have a power capacity of 5500W (45.8/22.9A), but the outlets are just 30A. I have just one extra power inlet socket at home, and I would like to use the amps at the maximum rate (my panel has a 50A outlet connected to the 120A breaker). I’ll be thankful for your assistance – and thanks a lot for the fascinating review you’ve provided!


As a response to this question:

How much power can be produced by each outlet?

You have calculated correctly, and the absolute power capacity of the generator is equal to 45.8 Amps at 120V. Still, the actual power accessible at every socket is restricted by two issues: the positioning of the voltage selecting switch and the overall ranking of the socket.

1) The positioning of the voltage selecting switch

I think that you have already figured this out, but it is still important to explain. The user manual admits:

“When the voltage selecting switch is at 120V/240V positioning, the output circuits run in cooperation as if there were two different generators. Each power circuit provides 22.9 amps at a maximum for the designated outlets as demonstrated in the table.

None of the power circuits can produce power for the other outlets. For this reason, it is of great importance to harmonize the load on both output circuits. When the voltage selecting switch is positioned at 120V regime, the output circuits run in parallel to each other and share the overall load attached to the outlets 1, 2, 3 and the terminal 4A of the outlet 4. As both output circuits share the load, there is absolutely no need to bring it to a balance”.

Finally, at the positioning of 120V/240V of each outlet, they have a maximum capacity of 22.9 amps. In the 120V regime alone, these two receptacles are attached in parallel and share the overall power output of the generator equal to 45.8 amps. This provokes the need for explaining the other restrictive issue:

2) The ranking of the outlet

Even though the receptacle is attached to a circuit with 45.8 amps accessible to users, the receptacle alone is ranked at 30 amps in total. Power exceeding this parameter could cause damage to the receptacle. That is why Honda attached fuses to the available outlets.

The question is why on earth would Honda utilize the 30 amps-worth receptacles if the generator’s power exceeds this parameter?

Two causes: they wanted to achieve compatibility, and they just followed the law.

In North America, electricity-related regulations require plugs to be used only in the designated spheres of application. The type of plug you use would be determined by such parameters as the current, wiring and voltage.

Look at this chart:


Remember that NEMA (North American Electrical Manufacturers Association) obliges locking receptacles to be used for high-rated current. This is necessary because generators can provoke vibration, and it could be hazardous if the elevated-current plug slips out while the machine is running. That is why the lower-current 20A plugs in the central part of the machine look the same as the ones in your house, but the higher-current plugs belong to the locking variety.


Outlet #1 is known as L5-30R, being ranked at 30A/120V and having 2-pole 3-wire characteristics. This is the only 120V plug.

Outlet #4 is known as L14-30R, being ranked at 30A/120 or 240V and having 3-pole 4-wire characteristics. When running in the 240V regime, it produces full-fledged power capacity of the generator. However, in the 120V regime (#4b), the 3rd pole would not be running, which would imply the same characteristics as in the previous outlet – 120V/30A.

Thus, when we stated:

“The only possibly unfused socket is the 240V. This socket is added to a switch. If necessary, it could be fused using 30 amps. However, if you are operating your house panel, you could shut off the switch and utilize the major breaker”.

We mentioned “possibly” unfused, because everything depends on the current positioning of the switch. It might have been better if we clarified the issue, but technically speaking, the socket is constantly fused at 30A. When the voltage selecting switch runs in the 120V regime, the socket receives the fullest power capacity of the generator, but the 30A fuse could prevent you from achieving the full capacity.

However, when running in the 240V regime, the ultimate power capacity of the machine is 22.9A, which basically stands for 5500 Watts. This means that it is still fused at 30A, but this fuse will never be achieved in the 240V regime because you will end up overloading the device before you reach this rating.

Thus, when running in the 240V regime, you will need to place the respective fuse (25A is appropriate because the generator possesses the surge power of 29A at 240V) when it comes to using the breaker.

Therefore, the answer to your question would be no, because you will not be able to reach over 30A when using a single outlet. The fixed fuses are meant to prevent this when running at 120V, while the maximum capacity in 240V regime is equal to 22.9A.

Why on earth didn’t Honda place a 50A outlet on the device?

Speaking about the NEMA outlet chart posted previously, you might take notice of the fact that the one and only locking connector ranked at 50A demands 3 pole/4 wire characteristics. In the case of eu7000is, the 3rd pole is disconnected in the 120V regime. Judging from the way the generator is grounded, there is no possibility to use the given plug, and there are no outlets for 50A on 2 poles.

Fundamentally, Honda could have altered these characteristics and attached such an outlet. However, the two locking connectors they have utilized follow the standards established inside this segment so that replacing one of them would damage the sales of the company.

Luckily, there is still a way to supply the only circuit with the full-fledged power output of the machine at 120V. In fact, Honda used to produce a parallel set for this model that would provide an additional 50A/120V outlet for the device. However, they stopped selling this set, but there are still several alternatives.

The first one would be the following:

Parallel Generator

The two parallel generators would have two locking 30A adapters aimed at using a single 50A RV-oriented connector. You could get an additional cable with the 50A connection and wire the other part to your house.

  • This guide is oriented on the use of a set that would unite the two generators worth 2000W into only one 30A outlet;
  • You need to use bigger-sized cables that would be suitable for 50A output;
  • You need to substitute the 30A outlet with a relevant 50A outlet.

Just to make it clear, do not follow this guide to the letter. Feel comfortable altering the instructions for your EU7000is, and we, in our turn, will compose a more thorough manual, but there is much research to be done in the first place.

Using generators in parallel has several varying applications. As a rule, this is used for combining the power capacities of two smaller-sized generators. However, it could also be utilized for larger ones in order to avoid facing the restrictions regarding the use of a single circuit.

Distant Wind-up

We also received another feedback from one of our readers, where a flaw was mentioned that we didn’t consider in the first place:

The negative side of Honda eu7000is is the fact that the surge cancels the production of output by the generator, but the machine would still be running. What about the wireless device that would warn users about this?

It would definitely be useful. When blowing a fuse, the entire power production on the outlet will be stopped. Nevertheless, the machine will continue running and using up fuel. If you are not cautious enough, this could result in many problems for those people who use their generators to charge accumulators or perform other secondary tasks.

You could just get a distant wind-up set for your Honda eu7000is, but this would not let you know when the generator stops working. As of now, this is an issue to be considered if you are thinking that you might need to break the restrictions.

Final Thoughts on Honda EU7000IS

If it is affordable for you, the Honda eu7000is would be the best choice ever. It is characterized by premium reliability, noiseless performance, and easy-to-operate control display, and it produces enough output for the whole housing. If you consider running your device all day long, you will soon see that Honda’s model is durable enough and has surprising fuel-saving characteristics, which will allow you to cover up the expenses in the long-term perspective.

With that said, this device is not for everyone. If you are just looking for a generator to be used occasionally, you could save much money by sufficing to use the predator generator. Such versions are not so expensive. Basically, as long as you are not operating the Honda generator regularly, you will hardly make much use out of it.

However, those who wish to rely on their generator in any situation, Honda eu7000is would be the best choice across the collection of premium-quality generators oriented on everyone who wants to get the best of the best.

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