Portable Generators For Sale

What do storms, tornadoes or just unfavorable weather conditions have in common? All of these aspects deprive you of electricity. In the event of natural calamity, you may find yourself in a situation when you’ll have no power for several days. Considering severe natural disasters that flooded the world over the recent years, it is significant to keep in mind that if you ever find yourself in such conditions, the best thing you can do is be prepared for whatever happens next.

We are pretty sure that if you get in a situation when power goes out, you’ll be happy to have a portable generator at hand. There are various models of small-sized portable generators. Choosing the right one might be challenging, especially if you do not know exactly what you wish to get. Even though the best models of such kind are intended for short periods of time, you can nevertheless find something suitable to keep your devices powered until electricity is turned back on. A portable generator is user-friendly, powerful and can provide the electricity to any appliances for quite a long duration of time. You’ll most definitely want something that would let you avoid the need to buy a larger model.

WEN 25600i For Sale

Weighting only 48 pounds, this could just as well be the most lightweight generator of this category. Although this is important, there are lots of other aspects that make this unit a great choice. It offers 2000 surge watts and has 1600 operation watts, which means that you can rely on this device in many situations. There is a pair of three-prong 120V outlets, one 12V DC outlet and one 5V USB receptacle. As a result, you’ll be able to operate the most important devices you have at home.

Champion Power Equipment 46539 For Sale

Weighing not less than 124 pounds, this generator might not seem as compact and portable as it is anticipated. Nevertheless, from the technical perspective, it is definitely among the best in its category. The foldable grip handle and tires are splendid options that make this generator sufficiently portable, at least in the emergency situations. There are no doubts that this device is also very powerful. At only 50% of its full power capacity, you can power your devices for 12 hours at a maximum.

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 For Sale

This brand has a long and rich history. Their reputation is excellent and this model of a generator is a perfect example of what they offer. It is ranked as one of the most portable generators in our rating by contrast to other machines listed above. Nonetheless, do not misunderstand us, because portability does not mean weak power capacity. Although this is not the most powerful portable generator out there, it still allows getting enough power for small-sized devices. This could also be an excellent option for camping.

WEN 56180 For Sale

Available at less than two hundred dollars, this generator is in many ways different from the rest of machines discussed above. However, despite its low pricing, this device still produces 1500 running watts and 1800 watts of wind-up power.

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