Honda 2200 Generator

The all-new model of the Honda 2200 generator known as EU2200i ensures maximum power capacity of 120V/2200W/18.3A in total, together with the ranked capacity of 120V/1800W/15A. The device is capable of running for 3.2 to 8.1 hours at a maximum using only one 0.95 gallon fuel tank, which largely depends on the generator’s load. Honda admits that the device has a running noise level of 53dB at a 25% load as well as 62dB at a ranked load.

The vice-president of Honda Michael Rudolph said that the brand-new Honda EU2200i inverter-based generator produces 10% more power than the previous version, which allows customers to get greater power for whatever purposes they wish with almost no difference in terms of weight and pricing.

The new EU2200i collection incorporates four versions in total – the EU2200i, the Camo version as well as the Companion model coupled with the EB2200i oriented on industrial application.

The Camo version is added with Realtree APG coverage in place of the standard Honda Red used for previous versions. The EU2200i Companion can be used in parallel with either one more generator of this model or Honda EU2000i K1/T1 versions. The Companion model has no 12V DC receptacle, and instead of the 20A/125V double receptacle, is packed with a 30A/125V locking plug along with the 20A/125V single socket.

The all-new EB2200i was especially designed for industry-based purposes and follows LA-ETC and OSHA standards. This model has no 20A/125V double outlet, along with DC parallel and charging receptacles for a 20A/125V GFCI double receptacle and neutral link.

The EU2200i generator has three years of commercial and home-oriented warranty, and it is now available at the dealer sites of Honda Power Equipment all over the country starting from spring this year.

The new collection bristles with generators producing 10% more power (200 Watts) compared to the previously launched EU2000i, but they are all available at the same pricing as the earlier model.

The EU2200i collection also bristles with the state-of-art inverter-based innovation along with a few updates in the design of the brand-new model.

The generator has an absolutely enclosed construction just like in Super Quiet Series, and Honda admits that they have developed a new model with user-friendly construction, easy maintenance, and durability in mind. The major practical improvements in the Honda EU2200i include the following:

  • A bigger-sized oil filling opening, an elongated nozzle and bigger oil draining gutter, which simplify the process of changing the oil;
  • Fuel shutdown faucet ensures that the engine continues running until the major part of fuel is used up, after which the engine stops running, which helps prevent fuel-related problems and is also a handy feature when storing the machine;
  • The metal recoil rope has been designed to ensure better durability and decrease the possible harm caused to the generator’s construction;
  • The increase in the ventilation sector of 2.31 square inches in contrast to the old-fashioned version decreases the compartment wind intake reluctance, which leads to enhanced cooling of an inverter, as admitted by Honda. New ducts were added to ensure that the air moves smoother over the inner parts of the machine, while also enhancing the general wind flow to ensure improved cooling of major elements;
  • The stator/rotor parameters of the EU2200i were also enhanced. The newly added magnets that serve to produce electric power are a lot thinner, while the diameter of the stator remains the same and the weight of the component is a bit smaller than previously, which ensures greater power capacity, as admitted by Honda.

Honda 2200 Generator is empowered by the GXR120 Commercial Series engine. The 4-stroke 121cc engine was initially produced for powering commercially oriented rammers. With the use of an overhead camshaft direction, which is much the same as in Honda GX100 engine inside the previous model, the company’s specialists integrated an easy-to-maintain and almost noise-free timing belt in order to ensure the small size, light weight and quiet performance of the new engine.

Honda admitted that its unique eco-friendly throttle option encourages the fuel-saving capacity of the generator, which allows the engine to regulate the speed on its own accord in order to generate the power necessary for proper functioning. As the engine does not need to operate at full pace all the time, the throttle option is used to decrease the loudness and fuel usage as well as reduce gas emissions into the atmosphere.

The OHC was especially manufactured to guarantee elevated efficiency as well as proper power transition for much better fuel-saving characteristics. Its elements were constructed with intense precision to ensure less vibration, while the crankshaft is manufactured in such a way as to ensure proper running and long-lasting engine lifecycle.

The GXR120 motor is added with a specially designed iron cylinder-shaped sleeve as well as a carbon-steel double-ball carrying crankshaft aimed at providing the improved power of the engine and maximum durability. The small-sized muffler together with the OHC engine is aimed at reducing the loudness of the device by 1 dB in contrast to the currently used GX100 engine of the old-fashioned EU2000i model.

The lubrication mechanism is added with the double-breather room specially designed to balance the performance of the engine. Additionally, the decompression mechanism has simplified the wind-up process of the engine, while the Oil Warning option allows stopping the engine whenever the level of oil is lower than needed.

As for the inverter technology, Honda admitted that its constructors have incorporated parts from the generator and engine suite, such as a combined flywheel/alternator, which has ensured the small size of the device and its lighter weight. Honda’s inverter-based innovation uses raw output generated by the machine, while microprocessor designed by the company is used to adjust it to the multi-stage process.

The alternator of the machine generates high voltage AC power. This power is later transferred into DC power. As a result, the DC power is reconverted into the AC using the inverter-based technology. This innovation also allows purifying power to ensure its premium quality. A specially designed microprocessor is used to regulate the whole process together with pace, at which the engine is running, whenever necessary.

Inverter-based innovation also allowed the company to decrease weight and loudness of many of its models. The brand-new Honda 2000 generator has a weight of only 46.5 lbs.

Senior marketing specialist, David Bush, admits that an increase of power by 200 Watts in a new generator model allows making a step forward to apply this model to many spheres without compromising on the generator’s weight, size, and pricing. He then added that additional 200 Watts could serve as extra power capacity for kitchen devices, like a slow cooker, or small-sized fan as well as a computer, which adds even more value to this version of a generator.

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