Best Dual Fuel Generators

10 Top-Rated Dual Fuel Generators

Dual fuel generators allow taking full advantage of all types of fuel, such as gas and propane.

Although it is always easy to get hold of gas, it still has a few drawbacks. A dual fuel generator allows using propane whenever necessary. Propane is a cheap, noiseless and pure source of power.

I’ve made up a list of top-ranked dual fuel generators on the basis of the existing studies.

These are the most outstanding models existing on the market. I’ve included these models according to their price so that you’ll manage to find exactly the one that suits your needs the best using power characteristics.

Champion 7500W Dual Fuel – Number-One Choice for a Dual Fuel Generator

This is the role model among the rest of generators of this category. It is packed with an electric start to ensure maximum convenience.

Just because it is equipped with oil, it is ready for usage right after you unwrap it and fill it with either gas or propane. It is a bit heavy but packed with a wheelset and durable tires that will hardly ever go flat.

The construction seems to be very strong and durable, so you’ll be able to use it even in unfavorable conditions.

The 439cc Champion engine represents a trusted motor that you can fully rely on. Champion also supports this generator with a 3-year warranty term that presupposes lifelong technical back-up provided free of charge.

You’ll get pretty long operation time with this piece of machinery amounting to 30 hours at a maximum when using gasoline and a 100-watt load.

Even if the generator is fully loaded, you’ll still get 8 hours of work using a tank of gas or around 6 hours on propane.

A great benefit of this machine is cold wind-up capacity. If you reside in the area where it is cold, you might have trouble winding up the generators, but this one will start without problems.

One more benefit is the surge protector in-built in the panel and aimed at protecting your appliances from spikes. There are four receptacles (120V) and two locking outlets (30A).

Duromax XP10000EH – Much Power and Less Noisy Running

This generator is almost noiseless, particularly if to compare it with the similar dual-fuel versions. For this amount of electricity, the noise level of just 72 dBa is quite incredible.

This noiseless exhaust is achieved due to the in-built spark protector.

Even though it is approved by EPA, it does not entirely meet the strict CARB norms.

This is one more generator with an easy-to-use electric wind-up mechanism. Starting the device is very easy. In case the battery is low or even dead, you may use a supporting pull cable recoil wind-up system.

It weighs only 265 pounds, so this generator is quite solid, but the grip handles make it easy to move it around.

Having a peak rate of 10,000 watts and operation power of 8,000 watts, this generator can easily provide power to most homes in case there is no electricity (Assess the expenses using my calculator).

The power is generated by a large 18 hp OHV 4-stroke engine cooled by air. The major display panel allows keeping all you need well-organized.

This generator has a one-year warranty. Regrettably, Duromax is not recognized as a company with good customer service.

It is quite a prominent financial investment, so some people might not be fond of such a short warranty and possible problems with customer support.

Duromax XP4850EH – Reasonably Priced Dual Fuel Version

It does not provide as much electricity as some other models, but it still has quite a lot on offer and at a highly reasonable price. It is estimated to produce 3,850 watts of power with the peak capacity being 4,850 watts. This generator is added with a 196cc 7 hp engine. It is also easy to use gas and propane in turn by switching from one to another.

The rest of the procedure is quite easy to perform.

It has an electric wind-up system with a supporting recoil starter. The panel on the front side includes the voltage calculator, circuit breaking mechanism, low-oil indicator, and several receptacles.

Its weight is quite light being only 130 pounds, but there are also durable tires, side grip handles, and a foldable pull grip to simplify the process of transportation.

Due to the noise-muffling mechanism, this generator produces only around 69 dBa. Duromax is not recognized for having a great customer support, but this unit has a pretty generous 3-year warranty.

Champion 3800W RV Ready – Reasonably Priced Champ

Champion definitely corresponds to its name. It offers not so much power as the 7500W Champion version, but it is of great quality and has many features.

Its operation power is 3800 watts, while the peak capacity amounts to 4750 watts, which might not be enough for the entire house, but still sufficient for the majority of undertakings.

It is a great dual fuel option to be used in RVs as it has:

  • 2X Regular 120V 20A Receptacles;
  • 1X 120V 30A RV Receptacle;
  • 1X 120V 30A Locking Receptacle.

It has a voltage guard surge protecting system, so your sensitive appliances will be protected from any trouble.

The unit has a 224-cc Champion one-cylinder OHV engine known to be highly reliable.

It is also added with an electric start and has a cold wind-up technology as well.

It weighs only 100 pounds, which makes it one of the least heavy dual fuel generators, but it is still added with a wheelset and pull grip handle.

Judging from its size and power capacity, it has a pretty long operation time.

There is also an auto-shutdown function for the periods when the oil level is too low.

A gauge on the front side keeps you updated regarding the power capacity as well as warns you about the need for maintenance.

Champion generators are quite dependable and trustworthy, but producers still offer a three-year warranty term and free lifelong technical back-up.

This can give you a peace of mind when deciding to purchase this model.

It is great that this portable generator has everything necessary for emergency situations, so it can be used for camping and other activities in far-away regions.

If you have a dual fuel generator, you’ll have a chance to enjoy its benefits in relation to the use of gas and propane. Just because propane is a cleaner source of energy, the engine of the unit will last longer.

Each of these generator models is a bit different, but they still perform very well.

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